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identity in a templated world…
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why templated strategies could be toxic

Let’s consider this from a user’s perspective. They are reading the same content, delivered in the same format, available on an all too familiar templated website.Its become boring, and worse still… its become predictable.

Instead of just creating a templated website and randomly tossing stock images on your social profiles, why not infuse your assets with a creative strategy that jives with your unique DNA?

what happens with a customized strategy

Taken from 2020 Clutch and Blue Corona surveys of owners who invested in new, fully optimized websites.


saw their site as the most valuable tool


increase in overall sale conversions


increase in brand identity awareness

how your brand could succeed with ingenuity

Our identity in the website design space is to help you showcase your brand’s personality, as uniquely built and individual as its owner(s).

Through a series of consultations, our team will help you determine what works best for your digital identity and how to cater your marketing approach accordingly.

ada compliance

Ingenuity Media is committed to the advancement of ADA accessibility in the digital space. With the United States recently beginning to enforce this initiative, we’re doing our very best to stay informed on the latest technology and regulatory mandates so you don’t have to.

ideas, strategies we're passionate about

We consider ourselves as 'Forever Learners' in our space, which means we're constantly running into new ideas and technologies that could well enhance our overall concept. Naturally, when you run into something that we love, we absolutely MUST share it!

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the Ingenuity Media process

Nothing descibes building assets like a fully tailored website or a social media strategy quite like the word “process.” These are the steps we take to assist you in that!

step one
step one


Listenone of our designers will schedule a time to learn about your brand. You’re the greatest asset to your business, and nobody is better qualified to share your hopeful direction than you are.

Storywe are not just designers. We’re story tellers, and once we have all the information about your business and its mission, we’ll help you build the story of how and why you plan to solve your target audience’s problems.

step two
step two


Customizedbased on our conversation, our designers will create a custom proposal of services recommended for your unique situation. Your proposal will include suggested layouts and hidden technologies that will enhance your new website.

Enhancementsif we believe you’ll benefit from any of our additional services, such as Social Media Management or SEO strategies, our designers will include these in our proposal for you to consider.

step three
step three


Createthis is where we make your vision a reality! Your project will receive a dedicated designer, who will send weekly updates of their progress.

A new, fully tailored website can take between 1 to 3 months before a draft is available for review.

Reviewevery website receives 3 rounds of edits: Layout, Content, Final Approval. Once we complete all rounds of edit, you will receive a consent for us to launch your new digital asset!

dedicated designer

You're worth our full attention. Pure and simple! Once we begin working on your strategy, it'll be all that designer thinks about!


Once your scheduled design has begun, you will receive weekly email updates from your designer on their progress!

forever learner

We are always learning and adapting to new technologies. As we improve, so will you with regular updates in information and software.