be unique

Ingenuity Media was estimablished in November 2015 in central Pennsylvania to assist in the discovery of unique approaches in the website design, marketing space.

The 2020 COVID-19 pandemic temporarily postponed the advancement of this endeavor, which was resumed officially in December of 2022.

essential services

Website Design

Homethis is the exciting part: giving your business its new digital home filled with the solutions you provide to your audience.

Wordpress Hosting

Foundationwe could design the most incredible website in the entire world and it mean nothing without a solid hosting plan.

ADA Compliance

Accessibilitywhether we built your digital space or not, our team can help you bring your website* up to ADA Compliance per ada.gov.

technologies our designers consider close friends

additional services

Social Media

Engagementconnecting with your audience on their terms displays trust, consideration, and approachability.

Archiving Services

Liabilityif you occupy a space required to have archiving of all digital content, such as financial advisors or law firms, you're all set!

SEO Strategies

Invitationonce your new home is built, we'll help you spread the word to those you would love to see your new home!

frequently asked questions

As media agencies go, we consider ourselves unique in our tailored approach with our clients. Of course, with the growing number of media agencies who are setting out to offer their own methods of solving the same problems, you undoubtedly have questions.

Here’s a list of our more frequently asked questions for your convenice!

does ingenuity offer domain registration

Although we used to offer this through our old platform, Ingenuity Web Design, this is a service we have to postpone for now.

We have engineers who are currently developing an all inclusive platform, called Ingenuity 360, that will make this available down the road, so stay tuned for updates on that!

If you already hae a domain name with us, we are more than happy to continue hosting it for you until you either decide to cancel or transfer it to another host.

For our new clients, once you have your domain name, which can be resigistered on any other hosting service, our servers will be able to connect with it seamlessly.

If you require assistance in registering your domain name, our designers will be more than happy to assist you by sending you a list of prefered providers during your initial consultation.

do we own our website and its content


Our commitment to you, which is in our Terms of Service, is to protect your rights to your content and the website upon which it’s showcased.

Prior to the launching of your website, however, all content and Website Design drafts provided for your review are copyrighted by Ingenuity Media LLC. This copyright is transfered over to you only when the design phase has concluded and you approved the site for launch.

what if we want to create our own website

If you meet with your designer and decide that you wish to design your own website, we can absolutely accomodate you!

Once we’ve gotten to know you and your business a bit better, we’ll be abe to determine which tools should be preinstalled into WordPress to help aide your adventure into DIY design!

Chief among these tools is the Divi Framework, which is a powerfull visual builder we hold a lifetime license for and can enable automatic updates, so long as your website remains on our hosting service.

can you design a website on another host

We absoutely could, but we don’t advise it.

By hosting your new website with us, it will give our support team direct access to all aspects of your essentials, which makes for faster recovery times or increases the reliablility of our service.

If your circumstances are unique enough that it makes more sense to keep you where you are, then yes, we will be more than willing to design your new website on your current host.

A monthly fee of $45.00 will be charged, however, for the use of our framework / software licenses, and the additional legwork in making our services available on another host provider.

is there a deposit due for website design

Unfortunately, yes. Before we begin the design phase, a 50% deposit for your total Website Design fees will be required upon your approval of our proposal.

Hosting fees do not begin until you launch your new website, and then will be charged either monthly or annually, depending on your preference, with the launch date set as your account’s renewal date.

In the past, we attempted to be more forgiving on asking for deposits and only made your hosting fees manditory before beginning the design phase. We even tried to offer payment plans to our clients and were finding ourselves increasingly discouraged by the number of clients who took advantage of this and ultimately never paid their bills.

what happened to Ingenuity Web Design

Great question! Ingenuity Web Design was our first real attempt to creating a Website Design and WordPress Hosting platform, which launched at the beginning of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Literally one month later, we were forced to close our office and postpone the project.

Since then, we have learned SO MUCH and, with the recent public access of ai technology, we were FINALLY able to relaunch and decided to consolidate our efforts back to IngenuityMedia.com, which is where we originally started back in 2016.

Don’t worry, though! If you’re a client with an account on our old platform, your services and fee schedules have all be preserved, as per our Terms of Service on that platform.

We will only close that site down when / if all our clients decided to either transfer away from our service or over to our new structure… but not before!

can we transfer our site to another host

Of course we would be sad to hear you’re leaving us, but we also understand that circumstances change, often unexpectedly!

As you are the sole owner of your website and all its content, you may absolutely transfer your site to another service that provides WordPress Hosting.

Having said that, all framework / software updates, Archiving and/or Backups, Webmastering, and SEO Strategies will no longer be made available through Ingenuity Media, and will need to be taken care of another way.

ADA Compliance will remain active until you inform us that you are either taking over responsibility of your ADA Compliance or another service has begun providing it for you.

We can provide a back up of your site free of charge, should you wish to transfer it on your own.

A fee of $125.00 will be charged if you would like us to transfer your website for you.

what is your refund policy

Currently, we offer no refunds for either Website Design deposits or WordPress Hosting accounts. Here’s our alternative.

The design phase is broken into three rounds of edits: layout / framework, content, final review.

 The majority of clients who request a refund do so because they don’t like the layout we provided during the first round of edits. instead of a refund, a repeat of the first round of edits can be requested if the client believes the entire site requires a rethink. This doesn’t give you a refund, but it does help us better serve your vision, if we misunderstood it during our initial conversation.

Once the layout / framework is approved, the content and final review stages are much easier, as most of this was already communicated with us when we first met!

By launching the website, you agree to pay the remaining 50% of the bill, which also becomes non-refundable once the invoice is sent, which is also include your hosting fees.

Now… we started answering this question with “currently” because this is a policy we are continuously reeximaning, as our goal isn’t to be a scrooge. At the same time, our designers do like to eat every now and then.